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January 2014

Cisco Live 2014 and Social Media

Junos – Workbook Volume 1 – Full

Cisco Live 2014 – May 18-22 – San Francisco, CA

Junos – Route Filtering

Junos – System Services

Junos – NHRP

Junos – eBGP Juniper to Cisco (and some MD5)

Junos – eBGP Juniper to Juniper


December 2013

Apple iPad and T-Mobile SIM Swap

Junos – iBGP with Juniper and Cisco

Cisco CSR1000v For Home Labs

Junos – iBGP Route Reflector

Junos – iBGP

Junos – Multi-Protocol Lab — OSPF and RIP

Junos – OSPF MultiArea, Stub, and NSSA

Junos – OSPF Authntication – Area

Junos – OSPF Authentication

Best way to put up Christmas Lights..

Cisco Champion of Data Center

Cisco MIB Hunter

Juniper Workbook

SolarWinds Thwack – Abmassador


New Hosting Provider


November 2013

Nothing new this month – sorry.


October 2013

Nexus 9000 (MIB Hunting!)


September 2013

Cisco ASR9904 Series Router


August 2013

VASI – VRF Aware Service Infrastructure Interfaces and Global Route Leaking


July 2013

Nothing new this month, sorry.


June 2013

Site Maintenance

Dell PowerEdge VRTX (Vertex)

Dell Enterprise Forum 2013


May 2013

F5 Certifications – F5 Certified Administrator

Cisco Live Blogger Contest


April 2013

Open Networking Summit 2013

Cisco Live 2013 – CCIE Labs Available!

OSPF Router-ID and Traceoptions


March 2013


Author Series – Ron Fuller

New Hosting Server

Cisco Live 2013

VTY Session on a Router Won’t Clear?


February 2013


Author Series – Peter V Southwick

Junos – IS-IS

Junos – OSPF and Rollback

Junos – RIP Authentication and Preferences


January 2013

Junos – RIP

Cisco Live US – Keynote Information

Junos – J-Web

Missing in Posting


December 2012

Sorry, nothing new this month.


November 2012

Junos – Interface Configuration and Connectivity

IOS XR – Cisco Videos and Training

Junos – Password Recovery, Zeroize, and Loading a Configuration, and other basics


October 2012

Junos – Lab Topology and Hardware Specs

IOS XR – Workbook – all 105 pages of it!

IOS XR – TACACS (default and non-default VRF)

IOS XR – Loading Configs and Replacing Configs



A Junos workbook in the works…


IOS XR – Basic MPLS and LDP (LDP Auth, OSPF, and ISIS)


September 2012

IOS XR – VRF lite and dot1q Trunks

IOS XR – Route Filtering

IOS XR – iBGP and eBGP




IOS XR – OSPF Configuration

IOS XR – Remote Access Services – Telnet and SSH

IOS XR – Processes

IOS XR – Wildcard Masks


August 2012

Junos – Getting into things


July 2012

No posts this month.

June 2012

Cisco IOS XR – Alias Commnad

Cisco Live 2012 Recap

Cisco Live 2012 Photos

Cisco Live – 1 Week Away

Cisco IOS XR – Installing License Files


May 2012

Cisco Live 2012 – San Diego – Tweetups!

Cisco IOS XR Software, PIE, and Patches


April 2012

Cisco IOS XR Interface Bundles ( aka Etherchannel or 802.3ad)

Cisco Live 2012 San Diego Schedule

Cisco Live Scoop! CAE Band Revealed! Cover Band Announcement! …and the BAG!

Cisco Nexus Show Tech-Support – aka TAC-PAC

Cisco Live 2012 – Reasons to attend

IOS XR Configuring Interfaces – Basic IPv4 and IPv6

Cisco IOS XR – Basic Configuration Options


March 2012

Financial Tools – Debt Reduction – Budgeting – Planning

Cisco IOS XR Basics – Prompt and Hostname

Cisco IOS XR Introduction and Comparison to IOS

CCIE Data Center Hardware Cost Estimate

CCIE Data Center, its official.

AppleTV Unboxing and first thoughts

CCIE Data Center Written Number – 350-080

We asked, They listened!


February 2012

CCIE Data Center – It Looks To Be Real!


January 2012

No posts this month, guess I was a slacker 🙂


December 2011

Cisco Live 2012 Bag Voting

New Start…


November 2011

Turkey Frying – Public Safety – Alton Brown on Good Eats

OpenFlow and SDN from the Symposiom



October 2011

Network Field Day 2 – OpenFlow Symposium Live Streaming

Funniest Laugh Ever

Personal View – Bank of America ATM/Visa Fee

Basic MPLS continued – EIGRP

Tech Field Day – Network Field Day #2

September 2011

Home Virtualization and Learning

Basic MPLS continued – RIP

Basic MPLS with VRF, RD, and BGP VPNv4

CCIE Service Provider v3

…and it begins (again)

August 2011

The Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee(s)

Cisco 3750 Stack Member Recovery

CatOS and IOS

DMVPN and Routing Protocols – CDP

DMVPN and Routing Protocols – BGP

DMVPN and Routing Protocols – RIP

DMVPN and Routing Protocols – EIGRP

DMVPN and Routing Protocols – OSPF


Future Nexus 7000 Line Cards (Sup2/ASA/NAM/WAN)

July 2011

CCIE Data Center – Rumored

…just about time for Cisco Live 2011

Cisco Live 2011 – Saturday (Registration)

Cisco Live 2011 – Sunday – Next Gen Data Center Infrastructure

Cisco Live Attire

Cisco Live 2011 – Monday

Quick update…

Cisco Live 2011 – Recap

Nexus 7009 – More information


Network Wiring How To


June 2011

Cisco Press: Enterprise Network Testing

Cisco Archive and Configure

Network Warrior – 2nd Edition

What’s in my toolbag

FastMAC U-Socket Power Outlet (U=USB)

Cisco Live Attendee Expectations

Quick update…

IOS 15 License


May 2011

Cisco Press :: IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

IPv6 – My IPv6 Tutor website

DisplayLink Software


Welcome. . .

CCIE Lab at Cisco Live 2011


April 2011

LISP – Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (Say what?)

The Nexus 7009 – and what is this, Nexus 7006?!??!?!?!

Drobo – My Impression

The Nexus 7009 – and what is this, Nexus 7006?!??!?!?!

LISP – Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (Say what?)

More LiSP – using it to enable IPv6 over IPv4

Cisco Live 2011 – Why you should go. . .

Cisco Live 2011 Schedule


March 2011

Nexus 7009


February 2011

Drobo from Tech Field Day

IP Address Management (IPAM) and INFOBLOX

Gestalt IT Tech Field Day #5 Exerience


January 2011

New Cisco Compact Switches!

Gestalt IT’s first datacenter-focused Field Day event

1995 Mustang Cobra Hardtop Convertible

Integrated Switch Modules in Routers (SM-E3SG and NME-XD)

Nexus 7000 and the Show Tech command (gzip too)

Using a Cisco Device as a TFTP Server

Cisco CallManager Express Setup for Home


December 2010

Cisco ASR and LACP

March 11, 2011 – Tick-tock goes the clock



November 2010

CCIE SP Bootcamp scheduled

off to class!

Day one of CCIE SP Class

IP Expert CCIE SP Class last week

Cisco IP Router DHCP Server and Client

Cisco Embedded Event Manager and its usefullness for TAC

Type 7 password decryption via IOS router (? bonus)

Clearing hung TCP session on a Cisco router


October 2010

Explanation for the lack of posting lately…

Static ARP entries on NX-OS

Multi-VRF redistribution (a.k.a. route leaking between VRFs)


September 2010

The week after the installation. . .

LACP Configuration and multi-chassis Etherchannel on Nexus 7000 with vPC, Part 1 of 2

Dirty Chai… what a wonderful drink!

LACP Configuration and multi-chassis Etherchannel on Nexus 7000 with vPC, Part 2 of 2

Cisco Data Center Architecture announcement today (Nexus 7000 and FEX?)

About me…

What is the difference between the Nexus 7010 and 7018?


..and so the studying begins (again)

Still here, just busy. . .


August 2010

Philosophical security post for Nexus 7000

Nexus 7000 NXOS Upgrade via ISSU

Nexus 7000 Smart CallHome Configuration

Smart Call Home Alert Groups

Nexus Install – after thoughts – coming soon…


July 2010

Cisco Live Round-Up

CCIE Service Provider

Nexus 7000 Training Documentation (Including Labs)

CCIE Rack Re-Cabled

Console Server Configuration using Menu’s

Cisco 4948, Star Wars, and IOS Upgrades

1 week until CCIE SP Bootcamp (AKA CCIE Expo)

CCIE SP Bootcamp – Cancelled

Data Capture on Cisco ASA


June 2010


Cisco Live 2010 – Las Vegas

WordPress for iPad installed

CCIE Rack VBS Script for Secure CRT

iPhone 4 and Facetime – Packet Capture

Cisco Live 2010 Networkers Schedule

Let the travel begin!

Cisco Live CCDE Class

Cisco Live 2010 – Day 1

Cisco Lice 2010 – Day 1 – CCDE Class

Cisco Live 2010 Day 2 and 3 Recap

Cisco Live 2010 Day 4


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