Juniper Nxtwork – Hackathon 2018

This year while at Juniper Nxtwork 2018 I had the privilege of attending the pre-event Hackathon on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018.  The goal of the Hackathon was to use, configure, and troubleshoot an SDSN environment using SaltStack.

If you are unfamiliar with SaltStack, it helps you to enable event-driven network automation.   The Salt-Master is able to monitor events and tell the Salt-Minion to take an action.  This action is defined in a json file where you are able to pass variables (log output for example) and manipulate them as required.  This was my first exposure to SaltStack and Event-Driven Automation, and I have to admit I liked it!

For attending the event you received some cool swag as can be seen below:

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Cisco Live – Coming out of your shell! (Be Social!)


Cisco Live is just around the corner and what better time to talk about the social aspect of the event.  Yes, Cisco Live is a big Tech Learning festival, but it is also been nicknamed Geek Summer Camp.  Cisco Live is the time of year when a bunch of super smart introverts becomes extroverts for a few days.  It does help that they are surrounded by like-minded individuals.

The big opening icebreaker for most of us is the opening TweetUp.  This is a great initial gathering where people are there to actually socialize and meet new people.  If you attend (and you should) make sure you introduce yourself to someone new.

Another great place to meet others is in the Certification Lounge in World of Solutions.  This place is open to anyone who holds a Cisco Certification.  Come and meet some of the best and brightest here – come see what new certifications are being worked on – and best of all, usually always has some snacks available!.


A really interesting, and actually the easiest, place to meet someone new is LUNCH! Lunch is typically served with open seating so you are able to sit anywhere and with anyone.  It is a great time to find new people to sit with and introduce yourself, share war stories, and just have a good conversation.  You can talk about anything – Cars, Technology, the sky – pick a topic and have fun!

Ultimately the Social Media Lounge is the best place to come and meet new and old friends.  It is easy to find the area in World of Solutions and there will be seating, tables, charging stations, bikes, games, and a few other things.  This really is a place to meet up and tweetup! 🙂

Oh, one thing worth mentioning if you really want to come out of your shell – #KiltedMonday.  Yes, it is a thing that has started at Cisco Live.  Bring your kilt and have a good time on Monday – you will meet new people and make new friends, that I can assure you.  Last year I think that there where some social prizes available later on in the day – not sure if they are Official Prizes, but someone usually has some fun with it.

If you make it to Cisco Live this year – be sure to stop by the TweetUps, Cert Lounge, Social Media Lounge, Lunches, or any place people are gathering and introduce yourself. Just remember to have fun and open up!

Below you will find a stroll down memory lane of some past Cisco Live gatherings. Just some of my fun memories that show the comradery that I have developed over the years.

Meet famous authors (Jeff Doyle)

Meet awesome instructors (Brian McGahan)

CCIE/NetVet reception with John Chambers (2014)

TweetUP 2014

CAE – 2009

Kilted Monday

Crowning the Prince and Princess, as well as their Jesters. – 2014

Steve as a Jester – 2014

Grass Skirt Gathering (Steve put on a few I think) – 2015

What fun they are having! – 2015

Listening and helping each other – TBD

This started it all – 2011

You can meet a true Cloud Genius!

Nobody can resist the smell of BACON in the morning!

CCIE Netvet Reception

Ethan has work to be done! @PacketPushers never sleep!

Amy and Marko having fun!

Rare Unicorn spotting at Cisco Live! Yes, they do exist!

Welcome gathering – 2007




Cisco Live Update – App Updates!

There have been some updates to the Cisco Events app this year that I wanted to share.  I also just looked to see when I last posted about the app and that was 2015 – HERE. In case you do not have the app yet, here are the links:

Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)             Android

So, what are some of the new features this year that we should be aware of, well they are:

New Home Page and Navigation

This year the home page is more personal and made for just you!  You will now have a single place to see your schedule, favorites, recommendations, and find your surveys!

Smart Agenda

The smart agenda will provide customized recommendations with an additional location filter.  Cisco Live will be using beacon technology to detect your location and make recommendations.  If you need directions, you can click on the compass icon and the app will guide you to your session. (Just remember to look up when you are walking!)

Cisco Connected Mobile Experience – Wayfinding

Cisco will really be embracing Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) this year! As mentioned in the previous section, CMX can guide you navigate the conference in real-time.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experience – Find my Friends

CMX is also able to help you locate and find your friends!  One of the challenges of a large conference sometimes is finding people!  This should make it easier to find someone now!

Cisco Connected Mobile Experience – Track your steps

Lastly, CMX can also help you track your steps!  In previous years many of us have used a fitness tracker to count our steps – this year the app can do that too!