JNCIE-ENT Prep Guide has been published!

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Just a quick note on a Friday afternoon about The Unofficial JNCIE-ENT Pre Guide to let you know that it has now been published.

You may order a copy at LeanPub, and to kick it off here is a 25% off coupon – http://fryguy.me/JNCIEENTWB

The guide is is over 500 pages of JNCIE study goodness for you to enjoy and since I have used LeanPub, you get a 100% Happiness Guarantee and all the future updates for FREE!


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JNCIE Ent Workbook

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Over the past few months I have been preparing to take the JNCIE-ENT lab exam.  As part of my studies I adopted the plan of “Teaching What I Am Studying.”

The culmination of all the study, over 500 pages of text,  will be for sale  via Leanpub shortly. The reason I have chosen Leanpub is because I will be able to publish updates and people who have purchased the workbook will be able to get those updates free.  With my past workbooks, once they have been published – they are final.  Using Leanpub, I will be able to keep them updated with new technology and information when necessary.

Below is a link where you can sign-up to be notified when the workbook is published.



Meet the new ISR Series – ISR 4000 running IOS-XE

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In June of 2013 Cisco released the newest member of the ISR family, the ISR4451-X router (Cisco –  blog post).  At that time it was the only model in the ISR44xx line, but today it now has some new siblings.  Today, October 2, 2014, Cisco has introduced some companious, namely the ISR 4321, 4331, 4351, and 4431.


The below graphic from Cisco that shows the new line and the performance characteristcs of each.  You will note, for example, that the ISR4321 says 50–100 Mbps.  The base version of the device will support 50 Mbps, but to move to 100 Mbps on that box you just need a software license.  This will allow a network to grow with it needs without having to replace hardware, you will just have to add a license file.  Back in the ISR G1/G2 days we need to sometime replace hardwre in order to gain additional performance, but that is not the case with the ISR 4000 series.  Much of that comes thanks to Cisco using IOS-XE on these devices.  A quick blurb IOS-XE from the previous link is :