Cisco Live 2018 – The BAG!



Earlier Cisco dropped the band information, and now we have the bag information too!

The bag this year is a first that I can recall, it is a 2 in 1 backpack convertible into a duffle bag!  The strap pictured on the front of the image below is detachable, yet when attached the bag can be used as a duffle!

In case you are wondering what  Backpack convertible into a duffle bag is, I found some good pics over on eBags of one.

Backpack mode:

Transform and duffle bag mode!


Up for a House Party? ready to go The Distance? are you Coming home? like Refugee? Wanted Dead or Alive?



I am sure you are asking yourself what is up with that title?   Well, as you can tell from the image above – this post will be about the Customer Appreciation Event – in other words – the BANDS! (Yes, plural!)

The CAE will take place, as has been previously announced, at Universal Studios Florida on Wednesday, June 13th at 7:30 PM.  In past CLUS CAE parties, the band has been located shortly after you walked in on the right.  I circled the past band location on the map below.

So without further ado, here is the entertainment lineup:

Sam Hunt
Leon Bridges
Refugee – Tom Petty Tribute Band
Slippery When Wet – Bon Jovi Tribute Band

It is looking like a very diverse line-up of bands for the evening.  I am looking forward to hearing some live Tom Petty music, as a tribute band they sound good on YouTube!

Also, there is still time to register – so GO REGISTER if you have not!

Hope to see you there!


If you are unfamiliar with these artists, below you can find examples of their music and popular songs.

Sam Hunt


Leon Bridges

Refugee – Tom Petty Tribute Band

Slipper When Wet – A Bon Jovi Tribute Band

Get Juniper Certified – AT HOME! (updated 20-Apr-18)

Are you looking to get started with Juniper certification but having a hard time finding the time to travel to a test location, get signed in, and actually take the test?  Is your closest testing location too far for you?  Or are you just too lazy to go take the test (always have an excuse)?  Well, Juniper has a solution to that problem!

Juniper has finally announced that they now support Online Proctoring for Certification Exams.  You can take your Juniper certification exam in the comfort of your own home or office.  The currently eligible exams are their associate level exams:

  • JNCIA Junos
  • JNCIA Cloud

                                     UPDATE 4/20/18

Juniper Education reached out to me and informed me that ALL JNCIP exams are available via Online Proctor

“Note we also opened up the online proctored (OP) environment to all of our written exams, which went into effect March 15. Candidates can now take associate, specialist, and professional-level exams from home or the office. “


The big question you probably have is how does all this work?  For detailed information, you can visit the Juniper Pearson Vue website at the following link: I will try to summarize some of the information for you.

  • The test is scheduled on-line like any normal certification test, just select the online delivery method.
  • Must have a webcam 640×480 @ 10fps
  • Must be alone in a closed room that is without distractions
  • Must have ID (just like taking the test in-person).
  • Proctor will do a work-area scan to check the environment.  Your desk should be clean and clear, nothing within arms-reach (like books, notes, etc).
  • You are unable to leave your desk or the area during the test.

Basically, it is like any other Pearson Vue exam, just at home versus in their testing centers.

Now you have one less excuse to get Juniper Certified!