Juniper Day One Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook for 2019

High Roller Ambassador picture from Juniper Nxtwork 2018

The latest Juniper Day One: Juniper Ambassador’s Cookbook for 2019 has recently been published. What is nice about these cookbooks from Juniper is the range of information that is contained to them. There are time-saving configuration tips using apply-groups that work across all platforms, there are EVPN VLAN configurations for MX series, ZTP for EX, and much much more.

This guide was written by my fellow Juniper Ambassadors, so all the information contained within the guide is based on real-world experience. This team has supported, designed, or deployed these solutions at one time or another.

Below is a full list of what is contained within the Day One Guide.

  • Virtualizing Routers with Routing Instances
  • Saving Time with Apply-stuff
  • Enabling the Inet.3 Table for BGP To Use Label-Switched Paths
  • Forcing Non-BGP Traffic to Take an LSP: Manipulating Inet.3
  • Setup, Best Practices, and Pitfalls of MC-LAG on the QFX-Series
  • Connecting an SRX Cluster to a VRRP Router
  • Consolidation of Two PE’s: BGP Pre- and Post-check With PyEZ
  • L2VPN to VPLS Stitching
  • Configuring EVPN VLAN-Aware Bundle Service on Juniper MX
  • Configuring EVPN VLAN Bundle Service on Juniper MX
  • Using Terminating Actions in Junos Routing Policy
  • ZTP with SLAX on EX Series Devices
  • Configuring NAT on SRX Platforms Using Proxy ARP/ND
  • Q-in-Q Tunneling Using ELS
  • Low-Risk Methodology for Deploying Firewall Filters
  • Translating RSVP-signaled LSPs for Quick Troubleshooting Using PyEZ
  • Writing eBGP Policies for Outbound Traffic Engineering
  • Synchronizing Junos Device Configurations Using Python Scripts
  • Migrating from MC-LAG to ESI-LAG

Be sure to head on over to the Day One Library and grab your own copy of the Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook 2019.

If you are new to Juniper, the Day One library is a great resource. You can find comprehensive information and configuration guides written and used by real-world people. These guides are all free to download.

Cisco Live – waiting Everlong for CAE down in Africa


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Wow – can you believe that in a few months we will be spending our days at Cisco Live learning from some of the best. We will be hanging with old friends while making new ones. We will be having some of the best lunches that have even been served at a conference! Most of all though – we’ll be partying with the Best of You all while we Take On Me.

Yeah, there are a few hints in that paragraph. We will start our night as we rocked back at Cisco Live 2012. If you remember, the main CAE band back then also had Windows 95 CD Easter Egg video – it was none other than Weezer! They will be the opening act for us this year – and with some of the awesome remakes they have recently performed, this will be an amazing act! This video from Weezer for Take on Me is pure 80s nostalgia and hope you enjoy! It was a pure memory lane for me ( I have also linked their remake of Toto’s Africa – amazing song.

Now that we have teased you with some videos from the opening band, let us throw a Monkey Wrench into your night’s entertainment with our main act- Foo Fighters!!! Nirvana was one of my favorite bands back in the 90s, and having a member from that band entertaining us at CAE is just amazing!

If you have ever seen the Foo Fighters or have watched their videos online you will know they like to have audience members come up on stage to play – maybe this will your chance to rock all your fellow attendees at Cisco Live CAE. Who knows, but wouldn’t that be cool! Here is a cool video of Foo Fighters playing Monkey Wrench with the Kiss Guy (Yayo Sanchez).
Caution if you are at work – language in the video may be offensive.

So before you go, head on over to the Cisco Live page to get your free personalized and digitally autographed photo (“Digigraph”) of the Foo Fighters.

Oh, if you have not registered yet, there is still time – and you will get to see the Foo Fighters!

Missing In Action

It is time to hit that RESET button again for me as I have been away too long. I missed writing blog posts, sharing information, and it will be nice to make the time to write them again.

So where have I been – well that is simple, head-down in study mode. I am working obtaining my Juniper JNCIE-SEC certification since last year and have been studying like crazy – yet not enough to pass the lab. At this point I have taken the JNCIE-SEC lab three times, first two times I was ill-prepared and this past time I felt like I almost had it. So, back to study mode and will be focusing on that for some time yet. Will let you know more on that when I pass the darn thing – not giving up!

Life has also gotten in the way a bit, work has been steady and challenging (that is a good thing), minor injuries from overexerting myself, and raising my family. You know, a thing called life 🙂

Well, time to get back to studying! Will be back soon!