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Juniper Certifications now good for 3 years!

In Certification, Junos on October 13, 2015 at 19:32


It is finally official, Juniper has extended their certification expiration from two years to three years.

Originally Juniper certifications where active for 2 years, and then you had 1 year after that to renew.  If you did not re-certify prior to the 2–year anniversary, you went into an inactive status for a year with your certification.  Then if you did not renew within that two years, your certification became expired and you would have to take the test(s) again to regain that certification.   What Juniper has now done is give you three years of active status, and you need to re-certify prior to the 3rd  year anniversary – there is no more inactive status.  While this does alleviate much pressure on candidates (it can be hard to re-certify every certification every two years), it also means that the motivation factor of “inactive” status is gone.

I just logged into my CertManager portal page to check on my certifications as I know I had one that was in inactive status.  It is now active, but now shows Expiring. At least that tells you that you need to re certify soon!  Luckily they do also list the date of the Expiration on the page, so you know your drop-dead deadline.

If you have a Juniper certification and want to check its status, you can do that by going to their CertManager page.

You can see the announcement at the following link:






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Cisco Exam Policy Changes and Cost Increases

In CCIE, Certification on June 24, 2014 at 14:15



There has been some talk on the twitter-verse and at Cisco Live around some of the changes that Cisco is making to the CCIE/DE written and lab policies.  Last month they posted those changes to their Certification Exam Policies website to let everyone know and read.  The ones that are key to CCIE/DE candidates (and some will be effective August 2, 2014) are:


  • Candidates who fail the CCIE/DE written must want 15 calendar days, beginning the day after the fail, before retaking the exam
  • Once passed, you cannot retake the same written exam within 180 days
  • Candidates may attempt the CCIE/DE written exam up to four (4) times per rolling calendar year.

Lab (here is the big one):

  • Candidate must wait 30 days between CCIE lab attempts (30 days starts the day after the failed attempt)
  • For your 1st  attempt there is no wait time.
  • For your 2nd  attempt, there is a 30 day wait time
  • For your 3rd, 4th, and 5th attempt, there is a 90 wait time between each
  • For your 6th , 7th  and onward, the there is a 180 day wait time between each.

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F5 Certifications – F5 Certified Administrator

In Certification, F5 on May 31, 2013 at 11:06


Ahh, Certifications!  The thing that drives many of us to learn new things as well as show what we have learned.

Recently at work there was a request for some of us to get F5 certified and I figured what the heck. I have had some exposure to F5 Load Balancers in the past and have also had some intimate times other vendors products.  So, I figured I would take the time and focus on the F5 product and obtain the certification  I was much more challenging that I thought it would be –  but it was fun!

It seems as though F5 recently revamped their certification guidelines, testing procedures, and tests.   I do not know exactly when they started to revamp them, but I know it was recent based on the BIG-IP Certification Administrator going live on 3/18/13.  Based on this, the material available to study is few and far between as well many have not been exposed to the Professional Pearson Vue centeters that F5 users to administer the test.  I will cover the Pearson Professional centers as part of this post and will focus on the required tests (101 and 201) in separate posts.  There is just two much information for one post!

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