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Over the past few years I have written some “training manuals”, starting with my NX-OS post back in 2010.  Since then I have added IOS-XR and Junos to that list.  These have become a bit popular over time, but at that same time they have become a little more difficult to find.  This is because of how this blog is setup, it only keeps the three most recent articles on the main page – unless I create a top-bar item.

In order to help share these posts, I have decided to create a quick page to where you can find any and all of the workbooks that I have written and may write.  These links will take you to the original post where you can, for free, download the workbook material if you wish.


This is a published workbook that is available via LeanPub with a 100% Happiness Guarantee.



Nexus 7000 Training – also a good primer to any Nexus and NX-OS based product



Cisco IOS XR workbook –



Juniper Junos Workbook – Vol 1    Send article as PDF   
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  • Very nice, thanks for the hard work, it is much appreciated…

  • Octavio

    Thanks a lot for your work. I’ve just got my first ASR9K and your IOS XR workbook is gonna be my first reading for the transition from IOS to IOS-XR, and before starting with ‘IOS-XR fundamentals’.

  • Subhoraj

    Really appreciate your effort!! Thanks..

  • Kent

    Hi Jeff,

    What are all the network equipment needed for the JNCIE PREP Guide?


    • jjfry18018

      I used 3-SRX210H, 1-SRX100H, and 2-EX2200C switches. Basically 4 SRX and 2 EX switches is all that you need.

      Good luck!